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North Lake Supply Adds Robert McCrimlisk as Member of Cannabis Manufacturing Advisory Board

North Lake Supply, a New Jersey-based adult-use cannabis applicant, announced the addition of Robert McCrimlisk as a member of their Cannabis Manufacturing Advisory Board. McCrimlisk brings decades of manufacturing experience, all based in his home state of New Jersey. Throughout his career, Mr. McCrimlisk has gained comprehensive knowledge of manufacturing from working in highly regulated industries such as nutrition and pharmaceuticals which require a significant amount of regulatory compliance and certifications to operate.

Co-Founder and VP of Sales, Dan Saita, says, “I’ve been consuming and learning about cannabis extracts medically and recreationally for several years now. The plant microbiology that influences the output of these cannabis extracts is vital to the production quality, especially when it comes to solventless extraction. It is more than manufacturing, it is science, and dialing in best practices, learnings, the facility, and workflow is important. In order to produce the best solventless extracts in the New Jersey adult-use cannabis market, we’re focusing on creating a facility and environment that is safe, compliant, and optimal for producing premium cannabis extracts for New Jersey consumers. I believe that Mr. McCrimlisk’s experience and knowledge of manufacturing and extraction in highly regulated industries will translate seamlessly into the cannabis market. The team is really excited to have him on board.”

North Lake Supply’s cannabis manufacturing operation will have an emphasis on solventless extraction. The top areas of focus for management will be the safety for both workers and consumers, compliance with the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission’s rules & regulations, extraction formulations, and scalability. These factors are important when operating a manufacturing facility, especially when working with consumables. The output derived from the aforementioned process will not only be developed in a clinical-grade facility but will also reflect that attention to detail and care in the quality of the products available in the New Jersey adult-use cannabis market.

Regarding his appointment to the Advisory Board, Mr. McCrimlisk says "With a rock big enough and a lever strong enough you can move the world."

About Robert McCrimlisk

Robert McCrimlisk joins the team with extensive experience in manufacturing. As a 43-year small manufacturing business owner in the state of New Jersey, Mr. McCrimlisk has experienced every aspect of operations, from the hiring process to safety, scheduling, development, quality, direct customer interaction, regulatory, administration, and production, but to name a few. He has developed multiple formulations for the direct compression of tablets, capsules, stick packs, chewable and sublingual products. Robert has also been responsible for the purchase of new and used equipment to upgrade and increase development and manufacturing capabilities at multiple locations throughout his company. Most importantly, Robert’s business ventures have resided in the pharmaceutical, food, special chemical, and nutritional industries which are all highly regulated. He has dealt firsthand with compliance-related, but not limited to, FDA-certified facilities, and certified organic products and manufacturing practices. North Lake Supply believes that his experience will lend itself to many facets of our operation including organic cultivation and manufacturing, compliance, and the retrofit buildout of our facility.

About North Lake Supply, LLC

North Lake Supply is a leading adult-use cannabis business applicant in New Jersey. The company’s vision is to create an innovative, greenhouse-based cultivation and manufacturing business model that maximizes the triple bottom line: People, Planet & Profit. North Lake’s long-term vision is to provide economic and social benefits for the community’s residents that will make locals proud to have a staple like North Lake Supply in their town and community.

Meet the rest of our advisory team.

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