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North Lake Supply Adds Laura Van Wingerden as Member of Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

North Lake Supply, a New Jersey-based adult use cannabis applicant, announced today the addition of Laura Van Wingerden as a member of their Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board. Convey will bring experience with one of the fastest growing segments of the cannabis market, senior citizens 65-years and older as she has built a career in social work, specifically focusing on Aging & Health.

“When you think about diversity & inclusion in the cannabis space, it’s hard not to consider the wellness initiatives associated with aging and the benefits cannabis can bring to those who may not even realize it can help. As a caretaker for both of my grandmothers during their bouts with cancer, cannabis helped them through loss of appetite, nausea, and daily pain. Cannabis can help the older, less mobile, generation improve their quality of life. Laura has so much experience with that community, I’m excited for her to support North Lake Supply in engaging them, and educating them on the benefits of cannabis.” said Dan Saita, Co-Founder & VP of Sales.

One of North Lake Supply’s core values that it was founded upon is inclusion. No matter what age, race, gender, ethnic or religious background, the goal of the company is to make the community, local or not; cannabis consumers or not, feel included in its approach to health & wellness, access to adult-use cannabis, and educating and informing those who may benefit from the power of the plant. Laura Van Wingerden will be a great addition to the Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board to foster the relationship between North Lake Supply and the elderly community.

“With the older population living longer we need to always be adjusting and adapting the ways we can help them. Being that senior citizens are the fastest growing generation of first time cannabis users, I feel education is key so that way every user is aware of the variety of benefits that come with such an amazing plant. I believe North Lake Supply carries that same view, which makes me proud to be apart of the team!” said Mrs. Van Wingerden.

About Laura Convey

Laura graduated from La Salle University in Philadelphia and earned a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Her passion for helping others led her to earning a Master’s degree in Social Work from Rutgers University along with a certificate in Aging & Health. Currently, Laura is employed at Homestead Rehabilitation & Health Center in Newton, NJ where she facilitates a large range of activities with the residents including intake and annual activity assessments. Her career reflects an element of inclusion that North Lake Supply finds important in the cannabis industry, as senior citizens are amongst some of the fastest growing demographics to consume cannabis for the first time. Laura’s involvement in the community, volunteer work, and career in health care will be a great addition to North Lake Supply’s Diversity & Inclusion board as it supports the company’s efforts to contribute to the local community and ensure that our employee base is part of an equal, diverse, and inclusive organization.

About North Lake Supply, LLC

North Lake Supply is a leading adult-use cannabis business applicant in New Jersey. The company’s vision is to create an innovative, greenhouse based cultivation business model that maximizes the triple bottom line: People, Planet & Profit. North Lake’s long-term vision is to provide economic and social benefits for the community’s residents that will make locals proud to have a staple like North Lake Supply in their town and community.

Meet the rest of our advisory team.

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