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North Lake Supply Adds Dr. Tiffany Bowden as Member of Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

North Lake Supply, a New Jersey-based adult use cannabis applicant, announced today the addition of Dr. Tiffany Bowden as a member of their Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board. Dr. Bowden has a PhD in communications with a specialization in Diversity & Inclusion. Not only has Dr. Bowden devoted her life’s work to transformation at the level of the individual, interpersonal, and social, but she also joins the North Lake Supply team with an impressive career in the cannabis industry, in particular. She has been featured in Ebony, Time, Vice, TED, Washington Post, Black Enterprise, Reuter’s, Bloomberg, High Times, CNN, and more. She has academic publications at the intersection of gender, identity, ethnicity and cannabis. .

“We couldn’t think of a better candidate to have on the Diversity & Inclusion board than Dr. Bowden. When we shared our vision of North Lake Supply with her, she reflected and shared the enthusiasm and passion we put into building this company and brand. We are very excited to partner with Dr. Bowden to influence and shape the future of what Diversity & Inclusion means for North Lake Supply, but more importantly for women and minorities in the cannabis industry.” said VP of Sales and Co-Founder, Dan Saita.

North Lake Supply is putting a heavy emphasis on Diversity, Social Equity, and Inclusion through hiring and educational efforts. Dr. Bowden’s role will be to provide guidance to the organization and its efforts by being a voice and guiding light for planning and executing meaningful recruiting and hiring as well as community programming, partnering specifically with leadership responsible for executing these ongoing initiatives. As a representative for women of color, Dr. Bowden’s contributions will be a driving force for change in the industry, achieving North Lake Supply’s goal to create a company known for one of its founder’s core values; inclusion.

"It is an honor to continue to lay the groundwork of diversity, equity and Inclusion in this ever evolving industry. I am intimately aware if this industry’s unique challenges that are supported by its diverse history as much as it’s biased present. We must get Inclusion right at the foundation to have an equitable future and allowing biases to go unchecked is not an option. We have the insights and the resources in this industry to build spaces that support everyone." said Dr. Bowden.

About Dr. Tiffany Bowden

Dr. Bowden has been named as a top 100 Professionals in cannabis and the top 6 women in cannabis. Dr. Bowden is the founding President and Co-Founder of the Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA). The MCBA is the first non-profit dedicated to the needs of minorities in the cannabis industry. She has served on the Board of the National Diversity and Inclusion Cannabis Alliance (NDICA). She has been an advocate for social justice by elevating the need for cannabis record expungement, access to opportunity, and social equity. Dr. Bowden also is a mental health advocate frequently elevating the need for culturally informed therapy, coping skills but also explores cannabis at this intersection. As a board member of This is Jane Project she elevated women who had experienced trauma in their path to healing through cannabis. She is a supporter of hemp farmers and served on the Michigan Black Hemp Farming Association which aims to elevate minority hemp farmers. Dr. Bowden is a sought after diversity consultant in cannabis offering cannabis specific company diversity trainings and learning experiences which have been covered in Forbes. Dr. Bowden has written applications and provided consulting for several social equity applicants and have helped them become license holders as well as has been a contributing writer to Skunk Magazine elevating anti-racism education in cannabis. Dr. Bowden continues to be a sought after speaker for diversity, social equity, social justice, patient advice, entrepreneurial start up coaching, and economic empowerment in cannabis. Most recently, Dr. Bowden was featured in Forbes' Women in Cannabis Study. Lastly, she is also a part of the Michigan Hemp Farming Association.

About North Lake Supply, LLC

North Lake Supply is a leading adult-use cannabis business applicant in New Jersey. The company’s vision is to create an innovative, greenhouse based cultivation business model that maximizes the triple bottom line: People, Planet & Profit. North Lake’s long-term vision is to provide economic and social benefits for the community’s residents that will make locals proud to have a staple like North Lake Supply in their town and community.

Meet the rest of our advisory team.

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